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IUPUI professor Laura Holzman gets creative to “Free the Vaccine”.

 Herron hosts virtual exhibit Creativity vs. COVID: Ending the Pandemic for Good“. First published in NUVO on April 3, 2021. Laura Holzman has occasionally found herself at the intersection of art and medicine in her career as an academic and public scholar. In her book Contested Image, she highlighted the fight to keep the painting […]

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Free the Vaccine

This post begins a series of guest posts from IAHI Summer Academy Fellows in which they describe their current research projects. Today, Professor Laura Holzman (Herron School of Art and Design and School of Liberal Arts) and Professor Steve Lambert (School of Film and Media Studies at SUNY Purchase and Director of the Center for […]

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The Religion, Spirituality, and Arts Seminar continues on through COVID-19

In last year’s iteration of the Religion, Spirituality, and Arts Seminar (RSA), led by Rabbi Sandy Sasso, artists discussed the biblical Jonah text and took inspiration from the text for their own artwork. The artists — in media ranging from paintings and theater to music and spoken word poetry —  considered a wide variety of […]

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Personal stories of COVID-19 recorded by IUPUI graduate students in IAHI oral history project

At the start of IUPUI’s spring break, professor Jason Kelly was putting together some components to the Frankenstein Atlas project for his graduate course in digital public history. Then America started to turn upside down with five letters and two numbers, and “public history” all of a sudden meant something very different. He emailed his […]

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The Covid-19 Oral History Project

The COVID-19 Oral History Project is a rapid response oral history focused on archiving the lived experience of the covid-19 epidemic. We have designed this project so that professional researchers and the broader public can create and upload their oral histories to our database. All the data that participants collect and produce will be open […]