Grant Recipients and IAHI Fellows


Research Grants

  • Mintus, Kenzie (Liberal Arts) “Understanding Older Adults’ Perceptions of and Experiences with Social Infrastructure in their Communities”
  • Musgrave, Megan (Liberal Arts), “Posthuman Futures: The Reputation Economy”
  • Riede, Danielle (Herron) “Ocean Womb: Generative Color, Form & Sound”
  • Shrum, Rebecca (Liberal Arts), “A Long Overdue Reckoning: Indiana’s History of White Racial Terror”

IAHI Academy Fellows

  • Aukerman, Jason (Liberal Arts) “Teaching Conspiracy Theories: A Guidebook for Teachers of History and American Studies”
  • Beckman, Emily (Liberal Arts) “The DDU Review: Intimacy, Disability, and the End of the Asylum”
  • Furqueron, Reagan (Herron)
  • Hayes, Cleveland (Education) “Gay Voices Without Intersectionality is White Supremacy: Storying the Intersectional Lives of the BIPOC LBGT+ Community”
  • Kazembe, Lasana (Education) “Conceptualizing a Slam Poetry Curriculum & Annual Festival”
  • Kostr0un, Daniella (Liberal Arts) “The Papers of Robert Cavelier de la Salle”
  • Musgrave, Megan (Liberal Arts) “Posthuman Futures: Sexuality and Young Adult Culture Today”
  • Nelson, Elizabeth (Liberal Arts) “The DDU Review: Intimacy, Disability, and the End of the Asylum”

IAHI Fellows

  • Etienne, Les (Liberal Arts)
  • Findley, Andrew (Herron/Liberal Arts)
  • Holzman, Laura (Herron/Liberal Arts)
  • Kazembe, Lasana (Education)
  • Tucker – Edmonds, Joseph (Liberal Arts)

Public Scholars-in-Residence

  • Curtis, Edward (Liberal Arts)


Research Grants

  • Brann, Maria (Liberal Arts) “At a Loss: Using Performance to Explain How Friends Communicate About Infertility”
  • Etienne, Les (Liberal Arts) “Black Cultural Production and Remembrance as Emancipatory Praxis”
  • Foote, Carrie (Liberal Arts) “HIV Criminalization in Indiana Enforcement Research”
  • Kovacik, Karen (Liberal Arts) “Where Walls Meet Windows: Translating City of Indium, a New Collection of Poems by Krystyna Dąbrowska”
  • Layden, Sarah (Liberal Arts) “The Old Sod: (Re)Visiting Irish Genealogy”
  • Robinson, Cory (Herron) “Codex Sculptures – Material Studies in Pursuit of Function and Art”
  • Tsultem, Uranchimeg (Herron) “Augmenting the Theoretical Coverage and Completing the Final Revisions for the Book Manuscript, Imagination and Art in Mongolian Buddhist Rituals”

IAHI Academy Fellows

  • Aukerman, Jason (Liberal Arts) “Sustaining the Cultural Heritage of Ray Bradbury”
  • Musgrave, Megan (Liberal Arts) “Sex, Love, and Social Media: Young Adult Culture Today”


Research Grants

  • Curtis, Edward (Liberal Arts) “Arab Indianapolis”
  • Cox, Robin (Music & Arts Technology) “Revelations of ‘Ata”
  • Goodspeed-Chadwick (IUPUC Liberal Arts) “Assia Wevill and Ted Hughes: A Dual Literary Biography”
  • Mintus, Kenzie (Liberal Arts) “Rural Aging-in-Place: How do Communities Meet the Needs of Rural Older Adults?”
  • Riede, Danielle (Herron) “Revisiting Homo Ludens: Connecting the Spirit of Play to Art and Environmental Stewardship”
  • Robinson, Nancy Marie (Liberal Arts) “Securing a More Abundant Life: The Indianapolis Phyllis Wheatley YWCA, 1910s-1959”

Diversity Fellows

  • Hayes, Cleveland (Education) “Critical Race Art: Visualizing Social Movements”
  • Kazembe, Lasana (Education) “Richard Wright’s Protagonist Dialogics: Race, Memory, and Meaning”
  • Liu, Laura (Education) Integrating Multilingual Parents’ Funds of Knowledge in K-12 Curricula and Instruction
  • Robertson, Nancy (Liberal Arts) “The Phyllis Wheatley YWCA in History and Historical Memory)


Research Grants

  • Curtis, Edward (Liberal Arts) “Heartland Muslim: A Syrian History of the American Midwest”
  • Gondola, Ch Didier (Liberal Arts) “A Win-Win Gambit? The Social Impact of ChinAfrica in Kinshasa (DR Congo) and Libreville (Gabon)”
  • Horvath, Robert (Herron School of Art + Design) “Contemporary Treasures: Envisioning Meme as an Abstract Sculpture”
  • Kim, Soo Hyeon (Informatics and Computing) “Empowering Rural Libraries as Sites for Youth Informal Learning Through Making”
  • Kostroun, Daniella (Liberal Arts) “The Louisiana Ursulines and Patrimonial Politics in Old Regime France”
  • Kryder-Reid, Elizabeth (Liberal Arts) “A Social and Environmental History of Dry Cleaning in Indianapolis”
  • Lee, Jennifer (Herron School of Art + Design) “The Cult of Thomas Becket”
  • Petranek, Stefan (Herron School of Art + Design) “The Future is Broken”
  • Thill, Elizabeth Wolfram (Liberal Arts) “The Digital Marble Map Project”
  • Tsultem, Uranchimeg (Herron School of Art + Design) “Meditation and Visualization in Mongolian Buddhist Art”

Conferences, Events, Exhibits, Speaker, and Travel Grants

  • Brooks-Giles, Marilee (Liberal Arts) “Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference”
  • Goggin, Nan (Herron School of Art + Design) NASAD Annual Meeting
  • Lehman, Sonja (Herron School of Art + Design) “The Secret Life of Paper – Helen Hiebert – Papermaker / Book Artist” 
  • Murtadha, Khaula (Community Engagement) “A Bluesy Night, a play written by Antiqua Chapman”
  • Nelson, Elizabeth (Liberal Arts) Disability History Association 
  • Neuman, Nichole (Liberal Arts) Scenario Forum International Conference
  • Tucker-Edmonds, Joseph (Liberal Arts) The BREATHE Conference

Summer Academy Fellows

  • Haberski, Raymond (Liberal Arts) “Philanthropy and the Public Good”
  • Holzman, Laura (Liberal Arts) “COVID-19 Vaccine Advocacy Innovation Lab Exhibition”
  • Hyatt, Susan (Liberal Arts) “Community Arts and Working Class Communities in Thatcherite Britain: The Story of the Yorkshire Arts Circus”
  • Kazembe, Lasana (Education) Proposal Development for Research-Practice Institutional Challenge Grant
  • Nelson, Elizabeth (Liberal Arts) “The DDU Review: Intimacy, Disability, and the End of the Asylum”
  • Thomas, Natasha (Engineering and Technology) “Decolonizing Creative Collaboration: An Arts Based Collaborative Autoethnography between a Dance-Movement Therapist and Music Therapist”
  • Tsultem, Uranchimeg (Herron Art + Design) “The Invention of Selves and Communities: The Interplay of Texts, Images, and Structured Imaginative Exercises in Buddhist Cultural Productions”
  • Wheeler, Rachel (Liberal Arts) “RealCV: Making the Invisible Visible”


Research Grants

  • Agha, Anila (Herron School of Art + Design): “Seeking Refuge – Exploring the First Phase”
  • Deal, Scott (Engineering and Technology): “Plasma Festival Intermedia Arts, Indianapolis”
  • Eickmeier, Valerie (Herron School of Art + Design): “Visual Journeys and Imaginary Destinations”
  • Goff, Phil (Liberal Arts): “Sixth Biennial Conference on Religion and American Culture”
  • Guiliano, Jennifer (Liberal Arts): “Workshop on Digital Humanities and Native American, Indigenous, and First Nations Studies”
  • Herrold, Catherine (Lilly Family School of Philanthropy):”Grassroots Groups and the Revitalization of Civil Society in Palestine”
  • Holzman, Laura (Herron School of Art + Design): “We’re Open, Come In: The House Life Project”
  • Hsu, Timothy (Engineering and Technology): “Better Methods for Acoustic Realism in Live Performance Amplification as Inspired by Acoustic Ensembles”

Speaker and Event Grants

  • Cox, Robin (Engineering and Technology): “Bang on a Can Loud Weekend Festival”
  • Kostroun, Daniella (Liberal Arts): “Doing Things Differently with “Tale of Black Histories”
  • Roberts, Eva (Herron School of Art + Design): “Designer Jessica Bellamy Lecture”
  • Wilburn, Victoria (Health and Human Sciences): “Spirit and Place Festival: Pain & Purpose: The Intersection of Parenting and Addiction”

Travel Grants

  • Agha, Anila (Herron School of Art + Design): “Itinerant Shadows – Art Exhibit”
  • Baich, Tina (IUPUI University Library): “Interlending & Document Supply Conference”
  • Beckman, Emily ( Liberal Arts): “Consortium for Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI) Health Beyond Borders Conference”
  • Carstensen, Thorsten (Liberal Arts): “Asiatische Germanistentagung 2019, Sapporo, Japan” 
  • Ganci, Aaron (Herron School of Art + Design): “2019 AIGA National Conference”
  • Haberski, Raymond (Liberal Arts): “Society for U.S. Intellectual History”
  • Hsu, Timothy (Engineering and Technology): “176th Meeting Acoustical Society of America and 2018 Acoustics Week in Canada Canadian Acoustical Association”
  • Hudnall, Catherine (Herron School of Art + Design): “Furniture Society Conference”
  • Laucella, Pamela (Liberal Arts): “North American Society for the Sociology of Sport”
  • Mullins, Paul (Liberal Arts): “Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory (CHAT) annual conference”
  • Nelson, Elizabeth (Liberal Arts): “National Council on Public History 2019 annual meeting”
  • Prada, Josh (Liberal Arts): “Eleventh International Language Teacher Education Conference


Research Grants

  • Carstensen, Thorsten (Liberal Arts) “Architectural Discourses in German Literature: The Case of Paul Shcheerbart”
  • Curtis Edward (Liberal) “The Political History of Muslim Americans and the Fate of the United States”
  • Cusack-McVeigh, Holly (Liberal Arts) “’Valley of a Thousand Dreams’: Collaboration in Three Zulu Communities”
  • Hayes, Kelly (Liberal Arts) “Intergalactic Space-Time Travelers: Envisioning the New Age in Brazil’s Valley of the Dawn”
  • Minor, Kyle (Liberal Arts) “Creating Films through Community Engagement to Address the Opioid/HIV Crisis in Austin, Indiana”
  • Mullins, Paul (Liberal Arts) “Digital Heritage and Gentrification: The Histories of Racial Displacement and Urban Transformation on Indianapolis’ Downtown Canal”
  • Mullins, Paul (Liberal Arts “Revolting Things: An Archaeology of Repulsive Materiality”
  • Robertson, Jean (Herron School of Art & Design) “Toward a Global History of Art”
  • Robinson, Cory (Herron School of Art & Design) “Exploring the Digitally Handmade: New Methods in Furniture Design”
  • Tucker Edmonds, Joseph (Liberal Arts)”The Other Black Church: Alternative Christianities, Democracy, and the Struggle for Freedom”
  • Vogt, Wendy (Herron School of Art & Design) “Lives in Transit: Economies of Violence, Intimacy, and Care along the Migrant Journey in Mexico”

Travel Grants

  • Bourus, Terri (Liberal Arts) “Conference: Remarking the Text, King’s College London”
  • Carstensen, Thorsten (Liberal Arts) “Das Wort sei gewagt: Ein Symposium zum Werk von Peter Handke”
  • Cox, Robin (Engineering and Technology) “Solo Concerts at Virginia Tech University and Rutgers University”
  • Cox, Robin (Engineering and Technology) “New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival”
  • Friesen, Amanda (Liberal Arts) “Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion”
  • Thorington Springer, Jennifer (Liberal Arts) “Conference: Caribbean Studies Association”
  • Wheeler, Rachel (Liberal Arts) “Conference: Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture”
  • Zhang, Xin (Liberal Arts) “National Conference of the Association for Asian Studies”

Speaker and Event Grants

  • Coleman, Martin (Liberal Arts) “Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy Annual Meeting”
  • Goff, Phil (Liberal Arts) “Fifth Biennial Conference on Religion and American Culture”
  • Hyatt, Susan (Liberal Arts) “Exit Zero Documentary Screening and Discussion: Deindustrialization in Chicago and Indianapolis”
  • Schneider, William (Liberal Arts) “Lecture by Pulitzer Prize Winning Historian David Oshinsky, NYU”


  • Carstensen, Thorsten (Liberal Arts), “German Literature, Modernism, Architecture, Visual Culture”
  • Demirel-Pegg, Tijen (Liberal Arts), “Understanding the Backfire Puzzle in the Arab Spring: Variations in Outcomes in Egypt, Morocco and Bahrain”
  • DiCamilla, Frederick (Liberal Arts), “The Mediating Function of Metaphor and Myth to Construct an Ideological Framework for the Position of the US in the World: The Christopher, Powell, and Kerry hearings for Secretary of State”
  • Drews, Michael (School of Engineering and Technology), “Big Robot Composition and Performance Documentation”
  • Guiliano, Jennifer (Liberal Arts), “Reflections on the R*dskins: The History and Significance of a Team and its Traditions”
  • Horvath, Robert (Herron School of Art and Design), “Contemporary Digital Narratives for the Homoerotic Trope”
  • Jain, Andrea (Liberal Arts), “Doing Yoga: Acts of Resistance and Acts of Complicity”
  • Johnson, Jennifer (IUPUI University Library), “3D Scanning for Digital Libraries and Museums: Developing National Standards”
  • Kaufman-McKivigan, Jack (Liberal Arts), “Frederick Douglass and the Role of Oratory in African American”
  • Kryder-Reid, Elizabeth (Liberal Arts), “Tracing Race and Class on the Indianapolis Landscape”
  • Thorington Springer, Jennifer (Liberal Arts), “Audre Lorde: Feminisms, Intersectionality, and Global Vision”
  • Yoon, Ayoung (Informatics and Computing), “Building Capacity for Inclusiveness through Connections with Community Archives”


  • Agha, Anila (Herron School of Art and Design), “Crossing Boundaries”
  • Cramer, Kevin (Liberal Arts), “German Labor and German Love: The Gustav Adolf Association, Philanthropy, and Public Religion, 1832-1945”
  • Goff, Philip (Liberal Arts), “Fourth Biennial Conference on Religion and American Culture”
  • Hyatt, Susan (Liberal Arts), “From Public to Private Housing: The Transformation of the Welfare State in Post-Thatcher England”
  • Johnson, Daniel (Liberal Arts), “A Virtual Geo-Humanities Exploration of a Mississippian Village for Descendent, Public, and Academic Stakeholders”
  • Labode, Modupe (Liberal Arts), “The Historical Intersection of Mass Incarceration and Mental Health in Indiana”
  • Lewis, C. Thomas (Informatics and Computing), “Participatory Filmmaking to Confront HIV Stigma”
  • Pollock, Caitlin (University Library), “Strange Fruit: A Digital Exploration of the Anti-Lynching Campaign of Ida B. Wells”
  • Riede, Danielle (Herron School of Art and Design), “Material Landscape: Residency & Exhibition in Berlin”
  • Robertson, Jean (Herron School of Art and Design), “Art and the Digital World”
  • Wheeler, Rachel (Liberal Arts), “Singing for the Spirits: Exploring the Role of Music in Identity Formation in an Eighteenth-Century Mohican-Moravian Community”
  • Witkowski, Gregory (Lilly Family School of Philanthropy), “Hoosier Philanthropy: Understanding the Past, Planning the Future”
  • Zulaica Hernandez, Iker (Liberal Arts), “Current Research on Spanish Demonstratives”


  • Bingham, Dennis (School of Liberal Arts), “The Films of Bob Fosse”
  • Bourus, Terri (School of Liberal Arts), “The Tragedies of Mr. Arden of Fevershame”
  • Deal, Scott (School of Engineering and Technology), “Heartland Fusion: New Electro-Acoustic Works”
  • Ganci, Aaron (Herron School of Art and Design), “Understanding the Role of Visual Communication Design in Digital Production Environments”
  • Goff, Philip (School of Liberal Arts), “In the Year of Our Lord 1844: Murder, Mayhem, and Melancholy in American Religion”
  • Hayes, Kelly (School of Liberal Arts), “Intergalactic Space-Time Travelers: Envisioning the New Age in Brazil’s Valley of the Dawn”
  • Hong, Young-Bok (Herron School of Art and Design), “Migrating For a Better Life: Rethinking Social Service Design From a People Centered Perspective”
  • Hudnall, Catherine (Herron School of Art and Design), “Blurring the Lines Between Furniture Design and Sculpture: Explorations in New Mechanisms and Technologies”
  • Kaufman-McKivigan, John R. (School of Liberal Arts), ”Symposium: Frederick Douglass’s The Heroic Slave and the American Revolutionary Tradition”
  • King, Juliet (Herron School of Art and Design), “Art Therapy is a Brain Based Profession”
  • Kostroun, Daniella (School of Liberal Arts), “The Abuse and Misuse of Marie Madeleine Hachard : A Cautionary Tale from the Frontiers of History”
  • O’Bryan, Ann (University Library), “The Literacy Practices of African American Pioneers in the 19th Century Frontier”
  • Petranek, Stefan (Herron School of Art and Design), “The American Society of Human Genetics Public Art Initiative”
  • Riede, Danielle (Herron School of Art and Design), “Color Bleed: Investigation of Textile Pigmentation Techniques”
  • Rossing, Jonathan P. (School of Liberal Arts), “‘Yes, and…Articulating Principles of Comic Improvisations with Scarpino, Philip V. (School of Liberal Arts), “Anthropocene Rivers: A Comparative Environmental History of the Ohio River and Tyne River”
  • Smith, Benjamin D. (School of Engineering and Technology), “Big Tent: An Immersive Inter-media Performance Environment”
  • Staum, Sonja (University Library), “Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here Digital Collection”
  • Wang, Jing (School of Liberal Arts), “Research on Materials Development, Selection and Adaptation for Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language”


  • Carstensen, Thorsten (School of Liberal Arts), “Reading Goethe after Hitler: German Studies in the GDR”
  • Deal, Scott (School of Engineering and Technology), “New Works Project”
  • Drews, Michael (School of Engineering and Technology), “Death of the Mechanical Man”
  • Holzman, Laura (School of Liberal Arts), “Pictures for the City: Shaping Philadelphia’s Image for the 21st Century”
  • Horvath, Robert (Herron School of Art and Design), “Figurative Porcelain Sculptures”
  • Huang, Edgar (Informatics and Computing), “First Generation of Chinese Medical Educators: Lost Stories”
  • Jacobson, Marc (Herron School of Art and Design), “Multiple Dualities: Bridging Abstraction and Representation”
  • Musgrave, Megan (School of Liberal Arts), “The Re-Invention of Childhood: Children’s Literature in the Age of Consumerism”
  • Riede, Danielle (Herron School of Art and Design), “Sustainable Growths: Painting with Recycled Materials
  • Robbins, Kevin (School of Liberal Arts), “The Most Artful and Inventive Press Barons of Modern Paris: Fanny Laure Rothchild and Samuel S. Schwarz, Organizing Mass Media for the Advancement of Satirical and Radical Modern Art, 1890-1920”
  • Scarpino, Philip (School of Liberal Arts), “Rivers of the Anthropocene: A Comparative Historical Analysis of the Ohio and Tyne Rivers”
  • Subramanian, Janani (School of Liberal Arts), “South Asians on American Network Television”
  • Zulaica-Hernandez, Iker (School of Liberal Arts), “The Interplay of Referring Expressions, Information Structure and Rhetorical Distance: Evidence from Spanish”


  • De Tienne, Andre (School of Liberal Arts), “Digital Redesign of Scholarly Editions: A Collaboration between Humanities and Informatics Researchers”
  • DiCamilla, Frederick (School of Liberal Arts), “The Mediating Function of Metaphor and Myth in Constructing the Role of America in the World: The Hilary Clinton Hearings for Secretary of State”
  • Engel, Emily (Herron School of Art and Design), “Pictured Politics: Visualizing Colonial History in South American Civic Portrait Collections”
  • Kaufman-McKivigan, John (School of Liberal Arts), “Symposium: Rediscovering the Life and Times of Frederick Douglass”
  • Kryder-Reid, Elizabeth (School of Liberal Arts), “Symposium: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Art, Race, and Civic Space”
  • Lee, Flounder (Herron School of Art and Design), “documenta XIII, Bewegter Wind-Environmental Art”
  • Monroe, Elizabeth (School of Liberal Arts), “Legal Practice in Local and Appellate Courts in the Early National Period”
  • Petranek, Stefan (Herron School of Art and Design), “The Genetic Portrait Project”
  • Robbins, Kevin (School of Liberal Arts), “The Messy History of ‘The Butter Plate’: Radical New Media, Police Action to Contain Popular Visual Protests, and the Internationalization of a Graphic Arts Community in Modernizing Paris, 1900-1914”
  • Shaker, Genevieve (School of Liberal Arts), “Faculty and the Public Good: The Philanthropic Meaning of Academic Work”
  • Wood, Elizabeth (School of Liberal Arts), “Interpreting the Family Museum”


  • Anton, Marta (School of Liberal Arts), “Traditional and Alternative Methods of Evaluating Second Language Proficiency and Programs with Particular Emphasis on Spanish”
  • Bodenhamer, David (School of Liberal Arts), “Spatial Narratives and Deep Maps: Explorations in the Spatial Humanities”
  • Brant, Herbert (School of Liberal Arts), “Strange Bedfellow”: Argentine Homoerotic Fiction and National Politics”
  • Deal, Scott (School of Liberal Arts), “Big Robot DVD Project”
  • Hong, Youngbok (Herron School of Art and Design), “The eDemocracy Plaza”
  • Horvath, Robert (Herron School of Art and Design), “Exploration of Sculptural Formation in Porcelain”
  • Kelly, Jason (School of Liberal Arts), “In the Wake of Abolition: Citizenship in the British Atlantic, 1807-1921”
  • Kovacik, Karen (School of Liberal Arts), “Calling Out to Yeti: Preliminary Travel for an Anthology of Polish Women Poets”
  • Mullins, Paul (School of Liberal Arts), “Historical Archaeology, Globalization, and Consumer Society in Northern Europe, 1600-1900”
  • Petranek, Stefan (Herron School of Art and Design), “Genetic Portraits”
  • Robertson, Jean (Herron School of Art and Design), “Art in the 21st Century: Issues and Trends Taking Shape”
  • Robinson, Cory (Herron School of Art and Design), “Beyond Vernacular”
  • Setser, Meredith (Herron School of Art and Design), “Coalescence/Diaspora”
  • Shepherd, Susan (School of Liberal Arts), “Language Use in the Kenyan Deaf Community: A Linguistic Model for Access to Healthcare”
  • Streekstra, Holly (Herron School of Art and Design), “Budapest, Hungary”
  • Thorington Springer, Jennifer (School of Liberal Arts), “Voices from the Margins: Constructing Radical Subjectivities”
  • Van Wyke, Ben (School of Liberal Arts), “The Nida Institute School for Translation Studies”


  • Deal, Scott (School of Engineering and Technology), “Auksalaq Telematic Production”
  • Streekstra, Holly (Herron School of Art and Design), “Apparatus, Gimmicks, Automata, and Ephemera”
  • Robinson, Cory (Herron School of Art and Design), “Wood Transformed: Introduction of CAD, CNC Fabrication, and Digital Rendering into the Furniture Maker’s Studio”
  • Riede, Danielle (Herron School of Art and Design), “Not So Pseudo: Scientific Method and Installation”
  • Goodine, Linda (Herron School of Art and Design), “Everglades Still-Life Project”
  • Morrison, David (Herron School of Art and Design), “The Human Hand Redefined: 17th Century Technology of Stone Lithography United with 21st Century Digital Technology”
  • Hoegberg, David (School of Liberal Arts), “J.M. Coetzee and the Critics”
  • Kostroun, Daniella (School of Liberal Arts), “Jansenist Women and Public Opinion in France, 1680-1750”
  • Labode, Modupe (School of Liberal Arts), “The Busing Project: Oral Histories of Busing for Desegregation in Indianapolis”
  • Wheeler, Rachel (School of Liberal Arts), “Revolutions in Faith: Five Generations of a Mohican-Moravian Family, 1740 1815”
  • Davis, Thomas (School of Liberal Arts), “Tensions in Large Scale Religious Philanthropies: A Symposium”
  • Hayes, Kelly (School of Liberal Arts), “Religious Pluralism South of the Border: New Religious Movements in Brazil”


  • Baker, Lesley (Herron School of Art and Design), “Image to Clay”
  • Agha, Anila (Herron School of Art and Design), “Rights of Passage”
  • Eickmeier, Valerie (Herron School of Art and Design), “Fragile Planet/Visual Expressions”
  • McDaniel, Craig (Herron School of Art and Design), “Spellbound: Creative Representations of Spirituality”
  • Robertson, Jean (Herron School of Art and Design), “Researching New Visual Art in the Twenty-First Century”
  • Richardson, Mark (Herron School of Art and Design), “Glass Casting Techniques”
  • Winship, Andrew (Herron School of Art and Design), “Dreams of Arcadia: The Mythic Midwest”
  • Goodine, Linda (Herron School of Art and Design), “Everglades Still-life Project”
  • Hyatt, Susan (School of Liberal Arts), “Change Agents in a Time of Political Upheaval: An Oral History of Britain’s Community Development Projects”
  • Kovacik, Karen (School of Liberal Arts), “Beyond Trauma: Translating Post-Communist Representations of Poland in Agnieszka Kuciak’s Distant Lands”
  • Wheeler, Rachel (School of Liberal Arts), “Revolutions in Faith: Five Generations of a Mohican-Moravian Family, 1740 – 1815”