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IAHI Works with Center for Urban Health and Community Organizations to Address Lead Exposure in Indianapolis

Cover page of the Indianapolis Star, 15 June 2021, featuring the article "Lead testing program targets stigma, cost"
Indianapolis Star, 15 June 2021

The Indianapolis Star has run a story featuring the work of the The IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute and the Center for Urban Health in the School of Science.

The story features the IAHI’s Anthropocene Household project, funded by the IU’s Prepared for Environmental Change Grand Challenge.

The Anthropocene Household Project explores the Anthropocene at the local level by focusing on the household as a way to understand the lived experiences, knowledges, and practices associated with environmental change.

The purpose of the Anthropocene Household project is threefold: 1) to work with communities to produce local narratives and understanding about water specifically, and the environment more generally; 2) to develop new approaches to interdisciplinary, community-based research; and 3) to develop, synthesize, and analyze quantitative and qualitative data sets that generate actionable knowledge relevant for policy makers, community organizations, residents, and scholars. 

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