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NEA Grant, Son Lux Track, and over a Dozen Publications from IUPUI English Faculty

IUPUI creative writing faculty has been very productive in terms of publishing their work, launching their projects, and getting grants over the past year. Here’s a list of publications, projects, films, and awards:

Mitchell Douglas, Associate Professor of English

Hannah Haas, Senior Lecturer in English

  • “Spine,” “Attraction,” and “Milagros,” poems, Black Fox Literary Magazine, February 2021 

Terry Kirts, Senior Lecturer in English

Karen Kovacik, Professor of English, Director of Graduate Studies

  • “Treadmill with Virtual Active™: Swiss Alps,” a poem, Florida Review, Spring 2021
  • “Miss Victory (1895),” a poem, The Indianapolis Anthology, May 2021
  • “Pantomime” and “Absentminded,” translated poems, Southern Review, forthcoming

Sarah Layden, Assistant Professor of English

Kyle Minor, Associate Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing

  • Soldier, a novella written collaboratively with alum James Yoder, Booth, Winter/Spring 2021
  • “Mild Blue Dream,” a short story, Gulf Coast, Winter/Spring 2021
  • “First of the Month,” a 30-minute narrative film directed by C. Thomas Lewis and written and produced by Kyle Minor, Chicago International Social Change Film Festival, October 2020
  • The Long Run, a 25-minute documentary film directed by C. Thomas Lewis and produced by Kyle Minor, Indy Film Fest, Summer 2021
  • “Using Narrative Analyses to Develop Public Health Strategies Aimed at Dismantling Structural Racism,” a CICF Grant ($100,000): Kyle Minor, Lisa Staten, and Jack Turman (IUPUI); Simone Drake, James Phelan and Robyn Warhol (The Ohio State University); Lisa Zunshine (University of Kentucky)

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