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Art Exhibition Herron School of Art + Design

A virtual reception at the Herron Galleries

Join Joseph Mella, Director and Curator of the Herron Galleries, for their first virtual reception as they celebrate their newest exhibitions featuring the work of Dan Mills, Donna Ferrato and Jana Harper.

The virtual reception will take place via Zoom from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Sept. 10, featuring the exhibiting artists. This event is free and open to the public with advance registration. Register to attend.


Human Topographies presents artist Dan Mills’ wide-ranging and decades-old interest in history, exploration, games and wordplay in order to investigate national and global networks of power, commerce, and migration that underpin societies. Mills creates luminous, layered paintings and collages about our shared human history using maps and data to expose the legacies of imperialism: war, colonialism, mass incarceration, and the forced displacement of indigenous peoples.

Dan Mills (American, b. 1956)
Current Wars & Conflicts… (with, by continent, Belligerent and Supporter groups marked with letters, and Asylum Seekers, Internally Displaced, Refugees, Stateless, and Killed marked with a letter for every million), 2019
Acrylic on paper laid down on board
92 x 144 in.

Drawing from the internationally-known activist-photographer’s upcoming book of the same title, Donna Ferrato–Holy is the culmination of her 50-year ‘road trip’ across the U.S. and beyond. Holyfollows Ferrato’s journey from the sexual revolution of the ’60s through the #metoo era of today. This work, as noted by Ferrato, “is built on the strength of that other holy trinity—the mother, the daughter, and the others who believe in women.”

With her Native American heritage as an entry point and a focus on the Mackinac Band of Chippewa and Ottawa Indians’ 20-year petition for federal recognition, Jana Harper explores her place in the competing narrative between indigenous and colonial histories. Moving with the Land, Listening to the Ancestors includes the Tennessee-based artist’s archival and personal research, her interviews with tribal elders, as well as her search for reconnection with the land of her ancestors.

Dan Mills: Human Topographies, Donna Ferrato–Holy and Jana Harper–Moving with the Land, Listening to the Ancestors run from Sept. 2 through Oct. 17.

Visit for more up to date information on health and safety protocols, exhibitions, talks, gallery hours and parking.

From the Herron School of Art & Design website

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