To say that Mimi Oluwafemi, who just graduated from the IU McKinney School of Law, is busy would be an understatement. During her enrollment, she has typically juggled internships and research assistantships with studying and exams.

Currently, she is working on a social network analysis for the IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute as part of the Anthropocene Household Project

 The term “Anthropocene” comes from the idea that human beings have changed their environment so profoundly that many scholars believe the current geologic era should be named after it. The “household” part of the term refers to the fact that everything we do in our individual households has an impact on the environment.

Part of that social analysis work involved compiling data on who owns companies in Indianapolis. 

“I personally put together 5000 entries,” she said. 

While taking classes at the law school, Oluwfemi has worked internships that have given her knowledge and experience in business. 

One of the corporations she worked at was Cummins. “I was there for about five months working with their general counsel department just getting a feel for what the General Counsel does,” she said.

Oluwafemi has also worked for Roche Diagnostics. “I was working in their strategic deal team which is just all of their contracts for diagnostics so their machinery,” she said. “If Mayo Clinic, needs machinery from Roche, these are people who do their contracts.” 

She has also worked in government.

“In October, I started working at the attorney general’s office,” she said. This put her in the center of just about all civil litigation in the state of Indiana, but she’s since left in order to work for Indiana Legal Services.  She works with low income people on such issues as stopping deportation and obtaining U visas and C visas, or assisting an immigrants experiencing domestic abuse from their US immigrant partners.  

Oluwfemi was born in Nigeria, where she lived for her first four years, has worked on a pro-bono basis for immigrants who can’t afford an attorney to deal with some of the most complex law in the land.  She has also spent four years in Canada.

“My degree was in international business so business is more my thing,” said Oluwafemi. “But at the same time I want to help people.”

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