May 1 is the day that thousands of community members gather at their spiritual headquarters, located an hour outside the Brazilian capital, Brasília.  They gather to observe the Day of the Indoctrinator, one of the valley’s biggest rituals.

They would be gathering there this May 1, that is, if COVID-19 hadn’t forced a change of plans.

Kelly Hayes, associate professor of religious studies at IUPUI, has been studying this community since 2012, and has interviewed the principal members. She recently wrote about the rituals of the Day of the Indoctrinator in a new article just published in The Conversation

“As the Sun’s first rays appear over the horizon, the members, in fairy-tale-like garments, chant their personal “emissions”— a ritual invocation of cosmic forces that fills the air with a collective drone. Valley of the Dawn adherents “manipulate” cosmic energies to heal themselves and others. They describe themselves as members of a spiritual tribe called the Jaguars, who are the reincarnated descendants of highly advanced extraterrestrials sent by God some 32,000 years ago to jump-start human evolution.” 

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