While there might not be an exchange of flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day, there’s plenty of love for IUPUI, its sprawling campus, and the students and staff that make up the university.

Being a Jaguar means something similar yet uniquely different to everyone who is part of campus. We prompted stakeholders across the campus with a simple question: “What do you love about IUPUI?”

Nasser H. Paydar
IUPUI chancellor

“No matter the season, my office has one of the best views of campus. On quiet summer days, I look out my window and see future Jaguars here with their families getting ready to start their journeys. In the autumn as the leaves turn and the crisp air is filled with Jaguar energy, it fills my heart with joy. As the weather turns cold, peaceful snow covers the campus like a blanket, comforting students as they prepare for finals with hard work and determination. In spring, as the magnolia trees blossom, I look forward to seeing graduates in caps and gowns on campus ready to make a positive difference. I love you, IUPUI — you’re truly a beautiful campus. You and the Jaguars who call IUPUI home mean everything to me.”

Roderick Perry
IUPUI director of athletics

“In just more than four years at IUPUI, I’ve truly fallen in love with the people of Indianapolis and our beautiful campus. We’ve continually built and strengthened community and campus partnerships and are focused on performing at the highest level possible. Our goal is to continue to push the limits and make IUPUI the best university it can be, on a local and national scale!”

Rafael Bahamonde
Founding dean, School of Health and Human Sciences

“It’s all about location, location, location! No other Indiana-based university has the resources and opportunities found within walking distance of our campus: major hospitals, professional and amateur sports organizations, governmental entities, clinical practice sites, professional schools, and more. As a result, real-world-based student engagement and career development opportunities are unparalleled, and that’s why I love IUPUI.”

Etta Ward
IUPUI assistant vice chancellor for research and development

“What I love most about IUPUI is its pervasive culture of mentorship in support of student academic success, staff professional development and faculty advancement through innovation and creativity. I regularly benefit from varying levels of mentorship and am afforded the privilege and opportunity to pay it forward by mentoring others in return.”

Jessica Davis
Director of IUPUI sustainability

“I love IUPUI for its community of people who are always ready to question boldly, think creatively and act collaboratively to solve big problems. The IUPUI Sustainability team would not be successful without our many friends across campus who have been so willing to work alongside us and seriously explore how to solve problems others might say are impossible to fix. With their help, we’re claiming IUPUI’s spot as an innovator and a leader in sustainability — in Indiana and beyond.”

Kim Hodges
Director of development, Herron School of Art and Design

“As a gift officer of Herron School of Art and Design, I absolutely love bringing together the school’s scholarship recipients and the donors who make the support possible. There is no better feeling than knowing you’ve been a part of philanthropy in action.”

Mary McClung
Adjunct instructor of elective arts, Herron School of Art and Design

“As a nontraditional student at IUPUI and Herron School of Art and Design, I was surprised and grateful for the total acceptance, support and friendships I found all across campus. Professors, staff, organizations and fellow students made my IUPUI experience exceptional. My education was world-class, and it set me on the path of the most rewarding career I could ask for!”

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